About the mismatched? ??? Program

What is the??mismatched???? Program

The??A2Z Staffing Solutions??mismatched??????Program matches, you, as a job seeker or business employer???.yes, the business to appropriate job seekers in Montana!

Objective of the Program:

To increase brand awareness for your company, and point employers/workforce with common interests to??A2Z Staffing Solutions??through the media sources that have typically yielded the highest results in our market.

For the workforce:

A2Z Staffing Solutions??provides attractive opportunities for employment flexibility, career-building advancements, and career transition.?? Are you feeling completely??mismatched????.

The??mismatched??????Program places you, the employee, in a job that matches YOU.

For businesses:

??A2Z Staffing Solutions??supports personnel hiring strategies that fit job requirements and organizational culture.?? Don’t be??mismatched????

The mismatched??????Program places candidates that support YOUR business goals.

Let??A2Z Staffing Solutions’??services and consulting through its??mismatched??????Program be part of your success story.

Contact us today and??#getmatched???.?? It’s that simple!

Us our??mismatched??????Program???and??#getmatched?????in Business, in Workforce Solutions, in Employment Flexibility & Advancement???#getmatched?????in the growing Montana Economy, and succeed!