About the mismatched? ℠ Program

What is the mismatched?℠ Program

The A2Z Staffing Solutions mismatched?℠ Program matches, you, as a job seeker or business employer….yes, the business to appropriate job seekers in Montana!

Objective of the Program:

To increase brand awareness for your company, and point employers/workforce with common interests to A2Z Staffing Solutions through the media sources that have typically yielded the highest results in our market.

For the workforce:

A2Z Staffing Solutions provides attractive opportunities for employment flexibility, career-building advancements, and career transition.  Are you feeling completely mismatched?℠.

The mismatched?℠ Program places you, the employee, in a job that matches YOU.

For businesses:

 A2Z Staffing Solutions supports personnel hiring strategies that fit job requirements and organizational culture.  Don’t be mismatched?℠

The mismatched?℠ Program places candidates that support YOUR business goals.

Let A2Z Staffing Solutions’ services and consulting through its mismatched?℠ Program be part of your success story.

Contact us today and #getmatched℠.  It’s that simple!

Us our mismatched?℠ Program…and #getmatched℠ in Business, in Workforce Solutions, in Employment Flexibility & Advancement…#getmatched℠ in the growing Montana Economy, and succeed!