#getmatched??? Process

About the #getmatched??? Process

The staffing professionals at??A2Z Staffing Solutions??are dedicated to placing the best possible candidates that match the position not only with skills and experience, but also blend naturally with the culture of the organization. The??A2Z Staffing Solutions??mismatched??????program specializes in finding employees with the exact skill-set organizations are looking for using its??#getmatched??? process, which helps people find their perfect job match.

For the workforce:

A2Z Staffing Solutions??specializes in finding the right people for the right job. Whether it???s temporary or permanent, full or part-time. The??A2Z Staffing Solutions??mismatched??????program helps people find their perfect job match using its??#getmatched?????process.

#getmatched?????is??the process by which people participate in the??mismatched??????program, at??A2Z Staffing Solutions.

#getmatched?????uses proven processes to help evaluate and place people in their perfect job match, employing specialized testing, prescreening, interviews, and other methods to place people in their perfect job match.

For businesses:

For employers,??A2Z Staffing Solutions??customizes solutions to deliver the highest quality and most efficient staffing service ??? saving organizations time and money.??A2Z Staffing Solutions??is able to work with federal contracts and state government; is a Teaming Agreement Partner and Diversity Supplier at Tier 2; holds WBENC Certification; is a Term-Contract Temporary Staffing Agency Contract Holder; and is an independent and woman owned business.

The??#getmatched?????process??at A2Z Staffing Solutions??employs specialized??testing, prescreening, interviews and other methods to place people in their perfect job match.