Job: Accountant – Helena, MT

Title: Accountant – Helena, MT
Salary: $24.81 to $30.16 /hour DOE
Start Date: 2019-10-14
End Date: 2019-12-31
Location: Helena, MT
Job Information:

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Related to this Position:

Knowledge of:

· The principles, methods, and practices of municipal financing and budgeting;

· Proper financial internal controls and review and implementation thereof;

· Modern office practices and procedures and of standard office and computer equipment;

· The approved principles and standard practices of generally accepted accounting andreporting (GAAP), and the ability to apply them;

· Intermediate or Advanced use of Microsoft Office products, including Excel and Word;

· Research methods and techniques;

· Governmental Accounting Standards’ Board statements and federal and state financial reporting regulations; and

· City,State, and Federal laws, rules, policies, procedures and applicable methods for compliance.

Skill or ability to:

· Create,maintain and make use of complex spreadsheets used in the accounting, financial reporting, and audit processes;

· Work independently without detailed written instructions;

· Assist and train staff in work procedures;

· Analyze,review balances, interpret and reconcile financial reports and transactions;

· Maintain and recommend proper internal controls and perform city-wide compliance testing;

· Prepare clear, concise and complete financial reports, statements, audit reports and work papers;

· Apply independent judgment in performing difficult and complex tasks;

· Examine,interpret and verify a wide variety of financial documents and reports;

· Monitor,implement and recommend changes for complex accounting systems and controls;

· Make mathematical and statistical calculations;

· Establish and maintain effective, professional working relationship with employees,department heads, officials and the public;

· Prepare reports in a complete, accurate and timely manner;

· Communicate effectively both orally and in writing;

· Establish sound priorities on work assignments so as to assure an orderly and timely workflow for financial systems through agency;

· Keep abreast of new and improved financial and other special reporting methods;

· Plan and manage the work of accounting personnel through planning, organizing,motivating and evaluating performance objectively;

· Maintain the highest degree and integrity when handling confidential data.

Physical Demands:

The position requires the ability to perform sedentary physical work with the ability to lift and carry up to 10 pounds regularly and on occasion up to 50 pounds. The position must have the ability to perform body movements applicable to records management and an office environment.


Performs all functions in the safest possible manner and according to policies and procedures. Participates fully with safety training. Reports unsafe work conditions and practices, work-related injuries,illnesses, and near-misses as soon as possible to assigned supervisor.

Minimum Qualifications (Education, Experience and Training):

This position requires a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, business administration,public administration or related degree with an emphasis in governmental accounting and/or finance from an accredited college or university. The position requires three years of progressively responsible upper level governmental accounting. Other relevant combinations of education and work experience may be evaluated on an individual basis.

Job Types: Full-time, Temporary

Salary: $24.81 to $30.16 /hour

Ways to Apply: Apply Online