Title: CNA/PCA
Start Date: 2016-09-09
Location: Helena
Job Information:

Assist residents at nursing home in day to day tasks- helping them dress/undress, eat, bathe, comb hair, cut nails, use mouthwash, brush teeth, shampooing hair, and lotion back rubs. Recording ht/wt/pulse/ temp/resp rt/bp, Collect urine and fecal spec., prov. cath. care and bowel care as needed. answer call lights ASAP. Assist with walking or transporting residents. make rounds every 2 hrs, provide range of motion for residents to prevent contractures, keep residents and clothing clean, neat, and orderly. use care supplies provided by family and keep the supplied, chart care records and monitoring sheets, care for dying resident and prep body for the mortuary after death, preform procedures in manner preventing transmission of infection, regular in-service (12 hrs annually) promote safe work environment, be economically minded in use of supplies, perform all other duties requested by supervisor with positive attitude.

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