Service Process

How Does Staffing Work?

Our office is inviting and we are ready to listen to your needs. We endeavor to grasp every aspect of your situation. We’ll give you the time your need on the phone or in person.

First, we will seek the full job description as well as any qualifications needed and the timing aspects of the position. We will then find out if the position is temporary, short term, or long term, temp-to-hire, or a direct hire. Many of our clients like temp-to-hire because it allows them the flexibility to evaluate employees before bringing them on permanently.

Next, our expertly trained staffing specialists check our databases and various resources to search for the most qualified applicants. We will also advertise the open position if necessary.

After finding applicants we investigate to learn about qualifications, goals and availability. Our staffing experts then carefully evaluate and screen the applicants. This includes delving into a candidate’s work history, checking professional references, survey results, our impressions during our interview, and skills testing as requested by the client. Further investigation and verification also take place where applicable.

You then have the opportunity to choose your employee out of the best of the applicants. Pre-employment drug screening and credit and/or criminal background checks may also be performed when requested.

Our goal is to present the right fit for your business.

Services Offered by A2Z

We tailor our services to fit your organizations needs. Some of the services we offer include:

    • Temporary placement
    • Temporary to hire
    • Recruitment/Direct hire
    • Personal interviews

    • Applicant testing
    • In-depth screening
    • Training
    • Payroll
    • And much more!!!